The invitation to the US

Everything was familiar and comfortable for us. We had all we needed in our country; a comfortable house, warm communities, delicious foods, easy mother-tongue, etc. The invitation to the US has changed the lives of our family dramatically. We have suffered from culture shock. We have needed to learn everything in English again. We have been separated from all the acquainted things. We have resettled everything from the beginning. We can still keep in touch with friends and relatives by phone, but they are living in another world. We can still talk in our language, but it is a minority language here. We had to learn different customs, not to misbehave in the US. We had to be perceptive and thoughtful in order to communicate only in short English sentences. We had to be accustomed to difference not similarity.

However, we have been learning every day from many new meetings and findings. Every evening, we communicate our exciting experiences of New York City. We are doing better every day. We encourage each other every day: “Good job, good job”. We trust God, because we can no longer rely on our knowledge and experience. We dream every day because we believe in God’s good will for us. We are looking forward to saying “the invitation to the US has changed our life completely but it was an awesome blessing”.

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