Volha Lipunova

The Tower of Babel

An ancient and beautiful story tells about the settlement of people throughout the Earth and the appearance of different languages that we speak. What a great idea, to build a tower to heaven! All tribes, all people had a common intention, a common goal. They hoped to become powerful like gods. Probably, the goal was wrong. Anyway, the ancient builders were stopped and separated forever by God, who gave them different languages. Forever? I hope not. I hope not since I arrived in New York.

It was my first and biggest impression: it seemed to me that I saw all the world around me. It was like a pointilliste painting, a lot of colored dots, forming a beautiful picture. Right here I felt I was a representative of my country, Belarus, and at the same time, a representative of the human race. That's surprising! Yes, America is a new Babel, but now this myth goes from its end back to the beginning. The people try to find a common idea and common values to build a safe future for their children.

People don't change over the centuries. Inside each person there is a similar mix of good and evil, the eternal fight between them. However, we all have a different life: a childhood of hunger or plenty, of freedom or lack of it, big, we have big unsolvable problems or a choice of where to live and work etc. I think we'll never understand each other completely, unfortunately. Despite this, we can be patient, friendly and we can respect any person.  I hope we won't create barriers. And I hope English is the language that will unite us all for improving today's world.

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