So Yeong

This summer, I left my hometown, my parents and siblings and moved to America which I had never expected in my life. Before coming here, I only had a few foreign travel experiences. I had to ship all my stuff to the United States. It made the separation from my loving family and good friends very hard and painful to me.

At Incheon airport, after holding a tearful farewell with my beloved sister, my son and I set out for JFK airport. It was my hope that I would be able to get along with new and unfamiliar people in this foreign country where I cannot communicate in my mother tongue language.

As the center of the world, New York has a lot of skyscrapers, parks, museums and people from various countries gather to fulfill their dreams. People of different cultures and languages gather here to acknowledge diversity and live together, thus realizing that the world is one. I pray that people from different countries will come to have a better life and that the land of opportunity will be safe and peaceful.

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