Roman Nykolaichuk

“Mom, oh mom! I will be a very famous painter!” A 5 year old boy told his mother.

“Of course, you will…”

The evening’s sun was slowly rolling over the horizon, over the line of mountains. The last rays fell to the easel. Gold and yellow. In the high dark blue sky, the first stars were shining and then took years of neglect, years of hopelessness. No pictures were painted.

On the sunny day my plane was arriving to JFK airport in NYC, USA, I knew it was a good sign. I went to the country where dreams come true. A new home opens its door for me, tempting me to discover a new world, a new life and please me to realize my old dreams.

I returned to myself. My friends ask me very often: how I can find colors, how I create so many new styles? It’s my soul; it’s just my feelings…feeling colors, life.Feeling myself and the environment through colors. I have painted more like 25,000 pictures during the last two years. Thousands of my pictures are presented almost in all countries around the world. How I did it? I just returned to myself.

And now I want to say thanks for my new home, new country, for my lovely city, where I have realized my childhood dream. I want to say huge thanks for my mother who believed in me more than I did.

God bless America.

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