I was born in 1965, in the town of Gomel, in Belarus.  My mother worked as a kindergarten director, my father job drove a bus with artists. Also in my family was my sister.  This was a fun and friendly time: we played, studied and sang songs together. Sometimes my family traveled to different countries, like Russia, Ukraine, Latvia. l also traveled to Belgium, France, Germany. Usually we went to museums. This is my second visit in the USA. On my first visit, my friend and l saw beautiful lakes in Pennsylvania and Miami in Florida.


When l arrived in the USA, l want to explore the beautiful culture. But around me, people were speaking in American English. I don't understand the neighborhood and what people say in the subway. I will ask questions and l feel often very difficult and sometimes maybe I’m crazy. 


I chose a conversation class in the library every week.  Then l went to Riverside school. I began to speak and listen better. Of course, l read and write rarely. And yes, frankly speaking, l often don’t pay attention and am sometimes lazy. But l say to myself:" Hold on!" Thank goodness, l really enjoy myself when I understand more and more English. 


I like listening to music, for example: the Beatles, Willie Nelson and Norah Jones. Last December, my husband and l traveled to Vermont, to New Hampshire and to Massachusetts. I liked Maine and Salem very much. Now l feel optimistic, because l want to improve my English every day.

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