Aung Phyo Kyaw

The Dream Comes True

Birds are singing, streams are flowing, and mountains are seen on the horizon. They were on the earth like us human beings, and we depend on them. There might be nothing in an ancient world but later, humans have invented and created a modern one. There are thousands of millions of people all over the world with different nationalities, various cultures, languages, and natures. Everyone in the world has a dream according to their wants, but it is difficult to have a dream that comes true. Moreover, education is the fundamental thing to decide not only whether it is right or wrong but also to reach the goal. I also have a dream to come and learn American Education because I graduated in my home country with a limited choice due to the education system. In addition, there is limited access to good education for the people who cannot afford it.


First of all, I had a chance to come to America because I was lucky to win DV lottery to be part of the dream comes true. Before I come here to the United States, I thought a lot, and was so confused because I was born in a developing country, and graduated and earned there for a certain period. So, I thought that I was already established but at the same time, my mind asked “what is your dream?”  Besides, I discussed with my family because I am the eldest son, and they depend on me a lot. So, I could not decide. At last, I decided to go to America for new challenges for my life. Then I thought “Where do I live in America?” Finally, I selected to stay here in New York City because it is very diverse, and very convenient for a new immigrant.


As soon as I arrived here, I saw lots of things quite different from my home country such as diverse faces, several languages according to ethnic groups, high buildings I had never seen in my life, weather which was totally different, and very good public transportation as well. Furthermore, I arrived here in New York City in the end of fall season. So, I could see the snow that I had never seen in my life, the Statue of Liberty that is so great, some buildings which were old with good architectural design but they are still fresh and amazing, awesome libraries that are convenient for everyone. These are the things that attract and amaze me a lot. I was very happy.  I have an idea how I should proceed for my future. America is exceptional, that means they don’t care who you are, and what profession you have. The only thing they recognize is that you must try to be what you want to be. So, I think that I must improve my English to attend not only some training but also university. Luckily, I found the Andrew Romay program for new immigrants at the ESU. Over time, I improved my communication skills. Furthermore, I could get lots of information on services available for immigrants. I met teachers who are not only very dutiful but also give kind attention to the students. That was a good inspiration for me. I will never forget the people I met, the persons responsible for center, teachers, and my new friends as well.


In conclusion, even though I was unsure before I came America, I think that I took the right decision. I can learn a good education here, earn money to survive, find opportunities in a society which respects human rights. That is very easy and comfortable to everyone. I will continue to study here, and try to have a good job so that I can share not only my precious experiences to the people who are living in my home country, but also provide some aids to the community here especially for new immigrants. Last but not least, I would like to say thanks all of you who are encouraging new immigrants. Now, my dream comes true and I might have an American dream to implement for my future life. Finally, “America is the land of opportunities.”

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