Indira Laktaeva

Brooklyn Bridge

How long have you been in NY? Two, three, four months, half a year, a year? You are welcome! You are a lucky person who can see one of the greatest cities in the world. There are many beautiful places, buildings, different cultures in NYC. There are huge buildings, bridges, subway and roads. One of the ancient and lovely bridges is the Brooklyn Bridge that dazes with its majesty since 1883. During its 125 years’ life, the Brooklyn Bridge has been a witness to a lot of events. It links the two boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. It is visited by 150 000 vehicles and pedestrians every day.

It is one of the places that I love in NY. When you go to this bridge, you can feel the fresh air of NYC. You can go there if you want to be alone with your dreams and wishes. You also can go with your friends and enjoy their company. A lot of tourists visit this bridge every day to touch the history of NYC. You can see the Statue of Liberty when you arrive at the middle of the bridge. You can enjoy the historical ships that stand on the shore in Downtown Manhattan. You can see the building of City Hall and beautiful skyscrapers close to it.

I have been there 5 times since I arrived in NY almost a year ago.

·         On the first occasion I was introduced to this place by my relative.

·         The second time I showed this bridge to my new friend.

·         The third time I was there alone and enjoyed the night view of Brooklyn Bridge.

·         The fourth and the fifth times I showed this scene to my friends enjoying warm autumn and winter views.

And now every time when I pass the Manhattan Bridge I make a promise to myself and hope to visit my new best friend that is always glad to see me there, friendly and open to communication.

Brooklyn Bridge is the one of the first places that you have to visit if you never been in NYC. Even if you have been in NY, go to this bridge to get free, fresh air for your life.

Thank you!

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