It doesn't matter how old you are, when you arrive in a new country, it is like being reborn. It is starting a new life far from your friends, your routines and all the life that you used to know.

In my case, it implied becoming a full-time English student. Nowadays, I study more than 28 hours a week. However, I cannot avoid feeling bad when I don't understand jokes, advertising or every customer in my job. I work as a barista in an Italian restaurant on Sundays. Although it is not my dream job, I have to admit that I like creating new shapes with the steamed milk! This stage of my life has become in a lesson in humility, teaching me to enjoy my present, and giving me the ambition to change it and achieve my goals.  Also, it has become the opportunity to make new friends from many countries. Each one has a different history, culture and background, but probably has the same challenge: making a new life in this country. 

After a year, this is still just the beginning of the new story of my life. I am walking this path step by step, sometimes blissfully and sometimes with frustration. I am seeing everything with the astonished eyes of a child, from giant buildings to the almost magical transformations of the seasons, discovering food from places so far that I probably can’t spell them in the correct way. I am making changes, seizing the opportunity to become the person that I want to be in my new life.

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