It’s not me, it’s YOU!


It’s the right place to be, maybe yes, maybe not?

Why not? It will be different, better or worse?

Yesterday, today and tomorrow. They will be the same all the time?

New feelings: spring, summer, autumn and winter.  Shall I accept or refuse all of them?

New life, new sights, sceneries, friends, people, and thoughts. What else and why not?

New language, new culture. It’s a gain - or maybe a loss?


Go back.  Do I want to go back? Should I stay? Do I want to stay?

Maybe yes, maybe not?

What do I have? What did I leave? What will I build?


Immigration could be hard to stand or easy to live.

Life is an adventure, as immigration can be.

Don’t mess up. It is an opportunity to change and grow.

It’s a once- or maybe twice– in-a-lifetime experience that we must live.

Life is as short as a breath can be.

Don’t waste your time and mine. Let’s live together this new piece of time.

New York is the city to be, grow and die in.


These kinds of questions all immigrants, in any moment or maybe all the time,

Ask themselves every day.

Answers to these questions are so hard to find.

There’s always good and bad at the same time.

Maybe, the solution to these feelings, even if it sounds strange, is not to think of them all the time.

It’s better to live where we are and with what we have in our hands

than to dream of another reality that is not ours anymore and maybe it’s no longer a real one for now.


Keep on the good and bad moments you and I had before coming here.

They will help you and me to build a new start today. 

At least, that’s what I hear.

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