Rustik Urmanshin

A Letter to Mother

Dear Mom!

Perhaps you will be surprised when you receive my letter. Yes, we talk to each other on the phone and make video calls at least once a week. The pace of modern life does not leave much time. I want to tell you a lot of kind and tender words and would like to say these words in person, but cannot, because I hesitate to do that. I don’t know why. That’s why I am writing this letter. And you will know my feelings. In fact, you are the closest person to me. If they ask me: “What is the most valuable thing in my life?” I answer, “It is my family, that is you, my lovely Mom!”  Beloved Mommy, I would like you to excuse me. We quarrel at times and I can say words which hurt you. I am truly sorry for that.

Do you remember, when I was a kid, we often sat on the soft sofa and you told me funny and serious stories about your life? I asked you different questions and you always answered me. Mom, I appreciate you teaching me a lot.

These days I am not that boy, but a grown man. There are more than 5000 miles of water and land between us. You still live in Russia, I live in my new country, the United States, in the city of New York. Immigration was my dream since I was in school. Many years, living in Russia, I felt that something was missing in my life. Now I understand that it is feeling that you live in a free country and a country of the rule of law. Only here can I breathe freely and not to be afraid for my life. I strongly believe in American democracy and it is really important for me to live in the country where your rights are protected by the Constitution.

The United States is the land of immigrants and among the most immigrant-friendly societies in the world. New York City provided me free medical insurance and here I could find the place where I have been studying now. It is called the English-Speaking Union. The Andrew Romay New Immigrant Center is the special program that supports me as a recent immigrant to improve my communication skills in English, to find work opportunities and to participate fully in American society. I am hugely grateful for it and want to say: “Thank you!” to the people who work there.

New York City is an extremely multicultural place. Whether you are Russian, Chinese, Hispanic, European or African you can easily meet a lot of people of your own kind and that makes you feel at home. There are plentiful opportunities to live in a place that you like and to get a job that you want. People here are very friendly and smiley and talk nicely to everyone. They are mostly honest, hard-working and tend to love what they do.

You know, I have recently seen new wrinkles on your face. That hurts my heart and makes it sad. I wish you could always be happy and never sick. I promise, I will try not to disappoint you and not to add the wrinkles.

Hope to see you soon. My dear Mom, I love you!

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