Falonne Beljuby Billy Dembi


The first time I met you, I was very confused, you were far from what I was expecting. When I saw you on TV, I envied you so deeply, I really wanted to meet you one day, at least once in my life.  But boy, when I met you, and I was so disappointed. Well, you looked beautiful in your rare, stunning, white coat made with melting materials but you had a fiercely rude attitude, you were so mean and affected people around you in a negative way. Why do you make New Yorkers seem so mean like that? They don’t want to talk to people when you are there. When I needed help to find my way, nobody wanted to stop even for a second. I thought they were that way.

Then once you were gone I realized that you were the reason they were acting strange, because after you went, everybody was smiling helpful and happy. You went for a while and came back again, taking the smile from New Yorkers’ faces, closing their public parks and other public attractions. No one even wanted to deal with you. When you are out, we all need to be in, you make our cities look sad and uninhabited, regardless of the efforts we New Yorkers make to resist you. You leave no joy of life for most of us, especially our flowers, plants and animals. We all wish you went back where you belong even if sometimes we miss you when you’re gone.

Now life is beautiful and cool without you. New York and New Yorkers are so excited right now and… Soon you will be coming again, Please don’t be rude, please be less mean than the two times I met you, I beg. Oh my god, he is coming again, yes he is coming. Winter is coming: be ready!

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