Norman Valdez


It is getting late, I'm checking in my head if everything is done: tickets, passport, money, luggage, and the folder, a life in a folder. The list keeps going in my head, it is a never-ending list and I've been wondering what is still missing. There is the enemy to defeat: I have to move forward, this is a new beginning and I have so many burdens on my shoulders that my forehead is almost touching my knees.

I see my feet at the door of my house; suddenly I am in the line waiting, anxious, expectant of what is about to come. I know where I'm going. I have no more options but to go back to a place that for a time my parents, but not me, called home. That was a long time ago; I've been overseas for so many years that to me home is where I found love.

Small memories of the big city, big memories of this small city I'm leaving, memories keep coming to my mind. Now the phone is ringing, Mom is calling, I pick up the call, can't say a word, she is talking but I'm not listening, “OK, Mom, I'll call you back in a while”. I keep my eyes on the phone. Now I'm checking my messages, there's one that makes me think again about what I'm doing, it only says, “Love you, Dad”. I keep looking at my phone. I'm doing this for you, my son, for us, for a better present and future. We have to keep strong for what is going to come. Tears came out, falling on the screen and over my shoes, those shoes that I chose to walk the path to freedom and peace.

My green shoes, not fancy, but comfortable, they will help me to keep me standing in this new beginning. I'm still checking the list, something is missing, but I guess I can't do everything. The decision was taken late and now I have to run, because this enemy is not going to wait. No matter what I do, I can't hide from him, I can't run away, I just have to learn how the power of Cronos could be useful to me. I can't fight against him, he will always win, there's no way to avoid him.  What I need to learn now is how I can use him so I can move faster, free myself of all these burdens and move forward in pursuit of the dream of peace for me and for all I love. So now my goal is to make that enemy my friend, so that time will no longer be my enemy: he will be defeated.

Tears on my shoes

I see my feet over the colors of the ground

I see my comfortable, green shoes, 

over the yellow, blue, and red, 

and a flag of the same colors over my head,

no sound could change my state of mind

no thoughts, I only see the colors under my feet.


Now my feet are moving, I have no choice,

time is passing by and I am getting closer to the next line.

The phone is ringing,

I don't want to see it,

perhaps a call or a message

that might make me want to change the decision that has been taken.


I want to keep moving, but know my feet are fighting; 

no U-turn, cause I'm not faking,

suddenly they become heavy, they are hurting me, they don't want to leave,

I got no more options

every step takes me away from a life of production.


So far, I put that all in a box, in a box with all my emotions.

Afraid I am, all this is new, I beg my feet, that please, we have to keep on walking. Now, these feet in these shoes are helping me in getting to fit in the place where everything is going to be started.

Someone is speaking, there is an aching in my heart

there's an itching in my hand.

I need to tell what’s going on back there

because there are people who need help.

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