Helphdgine Dalexis

In October 22, 2016 I left my country, Haiti, with my family. I was so excited when I came to the United States. It was very different from my country. I was so surprised when I saw the buildings, the roads, the bridges, the Empire State building, the World Trade Center, the Statue of Liberty.  Every day my family and I went to Central Park, but my favorite place was Times Square! I was so happy when I saw so many people around there. We went there to buy souvenirs. We went to the book store to buy some books, I saw the wonderful pictures in a store window.

I remember a special day: I was very happy when I saw the snow for the first time. I played in the snow. I went to a French restaurant with my family, the people were polite. The table looked attractive, with a nice tablecloth, candle light and beautiful flowers. The food was good. While we were eating, we listened to beautiful music. I also went shopping at Macy's; there were a lot of things to buy: clothes, shoes, perfume, bracelets, briefcases, etc. I like America because it is the top of the world. Life is good. It gives you a good opportunity to achieve your goal.

I am a student in the English Speaking Union. When I came here I was so nervous because I could not speak or understand what people said to me. Day by day, I improve my English vocabulary. Today I had the opportunity to visit the Museum in Chinatown. It was fantastic as they explained to me how people lived there since 1890. I am very happy to be in the U.S because my dream will come true. I’ll be fluent in English then I can go to College to get a profession

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