Stephnie Dalexis

Toussaint Louverture Airport, Haiti. It was 11am when my aunts and my other family members were there to say goodbye.  Suddenly, I felt tears spring from my eyes. I didn't know that the separation could be so painful. Throughout the trip the tears didn't stop streaming down my cheeks. When we got to JFK, my grandmother and her friend came to take us home. 

Currently, I live in Brooklyn with my family. I love New York. The main thing that did surprise me was the weather. Sometimes, when I go outside people might think I am sad because I have tears in my eyes, but no, the cold is the reason. Then, taking the train was amazing for me: in my country there are no trains at all.  

Before, I studied social sciences in my home country. I speak French and Creole. I would like to change and study as an interpreter. My new life here is not easy. Nobody in my family is working yet. My life is very limited. Sometimes, I remember this saying “Never give up". I carry on in the hope of a better life in the future. I started studying English at ESU this year. I love this institution that opens its doors to all immigrants without paying a cent. Sometimes, when I am going to school I am sad because I wish to go to College. In the future, I would like to be a translator. I am going to work hard for that. I would like to speak several languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and German. 

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