Since I was a child I had been saying that there was a free and amazing country called America where could make all dreams come true. Some people were proud of being there, and the rest were eager to go there. I think that’s what we call the American dream.

When I got the chance to go to the United States which is enviable, I felt both happy and reluctant. When I was going into the checking area with my husband, my family members were stopped by the staff of the airport. I never thought it would be so hard for me to say good bye. I supposed it would be easier, since I had left home to study and work in another city far away from them for many years. But it was. I still remember how my mother tried hard to keep the tears in her eyes, saying ‘take care’ with a trembling voice.

It was dark when the plane landed. I saw people from all over the world at the airport, speaking their native languages which I couldn’t understand at all. I realized that I was here, in New York. I still remember the first time I spoke English in this country. The immigrant officer asked me for the ‘package’, but I misunderstood and showed him my baggage. How embarrassing it was! Although I had been studying English as second language in my country of origin, I wasn’t used to speaking in daily life. I realized I had to improve my English. Fortunately, I benefited from some government support and charity organizations that helped me a lot. I feel more comfortable to speak English now, and I am going to get further study in college. It would be a tough time for me for a few years. But I won’t give up. Because New York is a great city with a lot of opportunities and competitions. Your dream will come true if you believe in it and go for it.


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