Yuliia / Vyshyvanka Dress

I want to share with you the story of m vyshyvanka dress. In Ukraine, where it came from “vyshyvanka” means clothes with traditional embroidery on it. Usually, white, red and black colors are used to make vyshyvanka. However, I like the most white and blue colors, from which mine is made.

My vyshyvanka dress was sewn for me by my mother. I used to wear this a lot in Ukraine. I like to wear it especially for traditional the Ukrainian holiday, called Ivana Kupala, when people celebrate summer and have traditional amusements such as jumping through fire.

This dress in very special for me. Even though I do not wear it in the USA because I do not feel that it is suitable clothing for outside, every time I see it in my wardrobe I think about Ukraine and my mom, who put her effort and time to make such a good vyshyvanka for me. I hope I will not forget my roots and will wear my vyshyvanka dress on Ukrainian holidays, even in the USA.

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