When I was a child in the Dominican Republic, every January 6th was a special day when most of us used to get gifts because of Epiphany (better known as Kings’ Day in my country). Since I learned to walk, my favorite toy in the world was the Hula-hoop and every single year till I was 16,my mom used to buy me one.

The Hula-hoop is a big ring made of strong plastic of different colors and it has rice, sand or beans inside that make a noise when you move it. To play with the Hula-hoop you put it around your hips, neck, arms or legs and make it spin around until it falls, or you get tired.

The Hula-hoop has a strong meaning for me, because it reminds me of my whole childhood and the good times I used to have with my friends. When I look around, I realize how glad I am for being born in a generation when playing outside still was the funniest and the most wonderful way to grow up and discover the world.

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