Josefina Rosario

New York, New Life

Every single immigrant has their own story; that is what makes the richness of a cosmopolitan city. I am passionate about the arts and always dreamed of living outside of my home country, just to be able to enjoy a cultural life full of art and architecture. I believe in a Bohemian lifestyle but what brought me to this country was not really those ideas. I met my husband 8 years ago in New York City in one of my trips to the city. I found him very remarkable, even though I am eclectic in every single way, and he was very polite and classic. Nonetheless, somehow he started to fulfil my life. He was meant to be my soulmate. After struggling in a long distance relationship for years, we got married 3 years ago. It was not until 19 months ago when all the pieces came together, and I had the opportunity of moving to NYC.

I knew my life was on its way but I didn't feel complete after moving here. There are so many things to be discovered, I had to build a completely new environment for us. I left my professional life behind so that was always an issue for me, and for any professional immigrant in this country. But I went out, learned and accepted any advice. Next thing I knew I was working in my profession in NYC, where immigrants have a long waiting line for everything.

 “The rewards for those who persevere far exceed the pain that must precede the victory”, Ted W. Engstrom.

I came here with a childhood dream, but love was what really brought me to this country. It does not matter the real reasons why you come here, because in the end it is who you become what you achieve in your life. Every immigrant in this country should persevere, feel the pain and then earn their own victories because that is why we move out of our countries.

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