Andrew Romay (1922 - 2017)

Remembering the acute need I felt as a new arrival, I have given a great deal of thought to the establishment of a House for Immigrants. It would be an attractive and convenient meeting place to discuss a multitude of small and not so small problems of a new beginning and find guidance and practical assistance. To the best of my knowledge, no place exists that brings together immigrants from the world over to address common challenges and pursue common interests.

It would feature a schedule of diverse activities, including: discussions and debates, seminars on immigration ,integration and related issues, opportunities to improve speaking English,  obtain legal, financial, taxes, computer and career consultation  in addition to socializing and entertainment, all these in a cordial, homelike atmosphere. It may develop into a forum for lectures dealing with contemporary issues affecting the lives of immigrants and providing perspectives. The House might turn out to be not only a place of welcome, but also could develop into a model for greater international understanding.

Many, perhaps most of such services to benefit the newcomers would be provided by volunteers, particularly people belonging to the first or second generation of immigrants. There is a big pool of potential candidates who made great strides to reach their goal in the new country and feel emotionally obliged to help those who follow their footsteps.

I am ready to financially support the project and, if necessary, take an active role in its realization. Your comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

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