There was a thrilling feeling inside me when I was about to leave my country for a better future abroad, I had worked in multiple countries for 13 years, but my goal was to live in the United States of America. ‘Yay! I got the visa!’ I was shouting excitedly. My dream came true. Time to fly to New York.


I landed at JFK and the immigration police waved me a warm welcome. I stepped towards the exit, like I was about to explore something special. ‘Damn! What a sexy city NY!’ I said myself. My day-dreaming was broken by my pen friend, Milad, who I met after 12 years and who waited continuously about an hour for my arrival, holding a name plate with my name.


My first day in the USA was tiring. Since then, there have been lots of ups and downs in past 1 and half years. God blessed me that I have got some talent and creativity. I love to take a new challenge. However, getting a good job in New York is more than difficult. My boss in Turkey sent me to his cousin who is the owner of a nightclub in NYC. I was hired as a general worker, but things were totally different than my personality and religion. As I said, I love a new challenge. When girls got to hug me, I thought it was something about love. Poor me! It’s all about social manners and greetings, which I realized later.


Time goes, people change. Overcoming all the barriers, I made my challenge successful. Now I’m the bartender of this nightclub and learning English at advanced level in the ARNIC center for free.  My goal is to study here and to complete my education as a sound engineer


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