Baggage full of dreams.


I was sitting between my aunt and my cousin in the back of that moving car, my mom was in the front, talking with her best friend who was driving us to the airport. I was neither sad nor excited about the idea of coming to the United States, to be honest I was shocked, and like almost every immigrant who leaves everything behind including professional career, family, friends and all they’ve built throughout the years, I was anxious and scared.  When we finally arrived at the airport, the screaming and tears of my family, especially from my mom, made me feel like I was in the wrong place, because my feelings were not matching with the occasion.


Thousands of meters above the ground, I finally understood that my life had changed in the exact second I stepped inside the airplane. The only thing I remember concerning that flight is that I wrote in the back of a book I was reading, that I was going to the country where dreams come true. I saved the boarding ticket among the pages and crossed myself.


I’ve been in this diverse country for almost a year and a half, and I’m amazed how a human being’s brain and body is able to learn and get used to everything, such as a new language and culture, totally different weather, the massive amount of people around you and even the crazy and always crowded subway system.


And yes, dreams come true here. It’s actually up to you, how hard you work for it; it is not easy but for sure the opportunities are there, tempting and waiting for you to make the next move.


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