I am going to tell the story of my experience as a new American. Then you will know where I am from, and what I am doing, as well as why I left my country and became an American. Before, I was a dentist in China for over 15 years. It seems I had a life admired by people around me. I was always busy with taking care of teeth, training new dentists and doing research in a teaching hospital. Moreover I had a family and a child. My daughter was educated in the best middle school of our province but struggled with the rigid education model. Unfortunately, my daily life was as dangerous as walking on thin ice because conflicts within the society affected the hospital and there were clashes between doctors and patients. Furthermore I held different opinions from the mainstream, so I decided to head to America to create a new life.


In contrast, I feel relaxed and full of energy since I came to America in 2012. Becoming a new American was my first step. At the same time however, I lost my perfect career since my dental license didn't work here. My daughter had to enroll in a public high school for immigrants. Furthermore, it was not easy to find even a survival job. Nowhere is my home. All the same, I feel relaxed, peaceful and hopeful. Why? It is step two. No one discriminates against me. No matter what kind of dream or goal I have, I can find a way to go. I have no worries about life fundamentals, for instance safety, medicine, and education.  I want to resume my dental career and need move my English skills to an advanced level.


The English Speaking Union is one of institutes which provides free English education for new immigrants. Here I have met many welcoming teachers who help me progress by excellent teaching. I can feel the passion from them which encourages me to keep learning English. Diversity workshops help me learn about America by providing a huge amount of information about culture, business and job-seeking skills. The English Speaking Union helps new Americans blend into New York, a gigantic laboratory, through visiting museums to know the history of America, watching basketball and baseball ball game to get close to American culture, and helping us communicate directly to governors in Albany about policy to change our future. Not to mention one-on-one conversation with the English in Action program, which helps me speak like a New Yorker! All are free, even including a metro card.  If I had not been learning English here for almost one year, I would not believe it. My daughter is in her freshman year at college.


I am still creating my new life as a new American. It is a story from China to America. It is a story from tough to peace of mind. I feel as if I have taken a deep dive, but now, my future is brilliant.

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