Everyone has an interesting story. Everyone has something to say. Unfortunately, my “unique” story isn’t very interesting. I would like to say that this story of moving to the USA may be unrepeatable, but it is definitely boring. It’s not a dramatic story of immigration. My family and I just made a decision. Moreover, we were not in a rush, so I had plenty of time to prepare my mood and be ready for those changes. Now I am here and what can I say? I prepared myself really well. I have avoided sadness, depression, nostalgia. Maybe it’s too soon for homesickness, but I believe that this is not the most important problem to worry about.

Even though I tried to prepare myself for any challenges, I still faced some things that impressed me. First of all, I could never have imagined such great multiculturalism in New York City. This mix of cultures from all over the world and people from different countries were things I had not thought about before I came and saw it for myself. You can see this mix of cultures in many things. For instance, you can observe it in the architecture, advertising and clothing styles. And I am not even talking about such common examples like different restaurants and cafes. I believe that this is one of the greatest features of this city.

The second thing that impressed me was the huge influence of sport. I was pleasantly surprised when I understood how important sport was in US culture. Every day I can see people playing basketball, soccer, football, baseball or just running. I would be very honest if I said that this was really unexpected for me.

I can say that there are many more little things or events that impressed me in my new life. And I’m happy that this number will grow. My journey has only just started. I haven’t tried and seen many interesting things. And I believe that this part, when you do something for the first time, is the most exciting. And it’s inspiring me.

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