Luiza Sabirova

Hello New York. Hope you are doing well!  I've tried many times to write about you and couldn't do it. I've thrown out so many draft papers and even almost gave up. Finally, I've realized it would be better to write a thankful letter to you.


I've heard different stories about you, starting from my childhood until now. I was so excited watching so many movies about you: noisy city with sirens, rush hours, lots of people with their pockets full of dreams in the streets, high buildings, NYC yellow taxis everywhere, bright Times Square, fresh air in Central Park, the Christmas tree in Rockefeller center. I've dreamed to know you better, to live with you, to feel part of the movie scenes.


I hadn't been to you, but I didn’t stop dreaming about you. You gave me hope even when I was so far from you. You made it happen, I came to you, but I didn't expect to know you from another side. I'd seen you from the movies and didn't know how many lives you've changed. You became a huge book to me and I could read pages from every day with dramas, happy endings and comedies. You have such a big heart, accepting people from all over the world and make me feel in various places at the same time. Every day I learn new cultures and travel from country to country with you. I couldn't imagine that living with you would be so interesting.


I hope you will always hold our hands, and make our dreams come true. I want to thank you for all you do for each of us, every day, every hour and every minute. Thank you for the diverse cultures you present to us, for the people we meet, for your mornings with coffee, for the freedom you give to us. I want to thank you for your lights at night, which inspire us to have our own light in one of these buildings.


Wishing you all the best,

Sincerely yours


P.S Meet you on Saturday morning on Brooklyn Bridge as usual; I will grab you some coffee. Do not forget to bring a sunny day with you:)

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