Olga Roik

I felt a slight jolt. The plane landed. Finally, we were on the ground. The flight was tiring. Everyone in my family was weary. It was our first journey to America. In the airport, there were so many people. I had a small shock. I think a few hundred people were standing in a long, long line to passport control. We stayed too and waited almost three hours.  In addition, outside it was raining and very cold.  I came to New York came in the fall. It was my first impression of America.

Before the journey, everyone in my family was very busy.  I had no time to worry about our life in America but when the plane took off I had a panic. I thought, “What are we doing? We are leaving our parents, friends, home. What is waiting for us overseas?” I felt terrible.

At first, I lived in New York as in a dream. The whole world was changed for me, my daughter and my husband. Everything was different: the air, water, meals, stores, subway, bus and language. Even the stars were higher and colder than in Kiev. I understood nothing, not one word. Now, I have started to change too. I have begun to study English, to taste new food and learn American culture. We have begun a new part of our life.  We have been in New York around a year. I still miss my life in Kiev. I also like New York but sometimes this great city surprises me by huge contrasts in luxury skyscrapers overhead and stinking garbage underfoot. New York reminds me of an anthill which never sleeps. However, I like to walk on the beach, along Fifth Avenue and Broadway, to sit in Bryant Park or Battery Park. I have found many various nice places where I can interestingly spend time. I have discovered my America.

In the next few years, I hope to see other cities and places in this country.  I cannot predict my future but I believe everything in our life will be well if we wish it very, very hard.

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