The story of my new life

Eight months ago, when we came to America, I could speak but it was difficult to speak with native speakers, and I didn’t have enough confidence to converse and communicate with them. So, I decided to improve my English. My husband always encourages me to keep going, but to be honest, sometimes native speakers speak very fast and use a lot of idioms or phrases. It’s difficult to understand, especially on the phone. Sometimes my daughter tells me “Mama, your English is not good enough.” She is nine years old. I want to show her how I meet challenges, and overcome them.

Also, I would like to improve my English because I want to go to college, get a job, and have a good relationship with people. This is my dream: to continue my studies. I have 20 years’ experience of working in a non-profit organization for women in Iran. I gave advice and taught how to establish non-profit organizations, fundraising programs, writing proposals etc. Now, I’m studying in a non-profit organization: I’m sitting on the other side of the table, benefiting from its work. I never imagined this situation. I spent a long time giving and now I’m on the receiving end. People say, “What goes around, comes around.” I’m doing my best; I work hard and never give up. I hope I will achieve my goals.

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