Martina. Kalles Fish Roe Spread

I am from Sweden. A very special thing for me that is from Sweden is “Kalles kaviar”. Kalles kaviar is a fish roe spread that's made from salted cod roe. It is based on a recipe that is several hundred years old and comes from the west coast of Sweden, particularly from the town of Lysekil, where my father was born. It has been a commercial success in Sweden since 1950 and I think that every family has at least one of those tubes in their refrigerator. People of all ages love it: young children as well as adults. Every time I want to get the taste of Sweden I go to Brooklyn, to the Swedish furniture store IKEA, as they sell it there in their food market. As soon as I open their refrigerator and pick out a few tubes of that delicious roe spread, I feel at home. 


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