Our future.

When I moved to the US I found for myself a new feeling. This feeling is about our future, that tomorrow will be totally different from our today. Technological development is one inseparable part of our life. The giant IT industry tries to minimize the human personal contribution in different professional fields. Therefore, everything in the working environment and in our daily life could be changed in one day. I had a dream about it last night.

I live in the city, but I don’t communicate with people in my daily life. I go to do grocery shopping, but I don’t see any store workers there, all operations work automatically. I choose different groceries and put them into the basket and in this moment, I see a preliminary check for my shopping. Then I go to the exit and make a payment through the ATM and a special machine sorts my purchases into different bags. After that I try to take a taxi, because my bags are too heavy. I book the car with my phone application and wait for two minutes. The car arrives with no driver inside, the special navigation system does this job automatically. After my shopping, I go to the café for lunch, where special robots serve the table, take the order, bring the bills. I wait and I find myself thinking –  is it necessary to leave a tip or not?

I come back home, because I am a student and class is starting. There are no classes in the College, all of them are online. I use special glasses and can see other students and the teacher. Today I have a test and I take it sitting on the sofa at home, but because of my special glasses, I can see myself inside the College building. After the test, I want to ask my friend some questions and I take my phone to do that. All my friends prefer to type messages than voice communication.  This is my life.  

I woke up with a hope that my dream cannot be the truth. I didn’t like my dream. I don’t want to have a reality like this, but I still have the feeling that tomorrow will be totally different from our today.

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