Hanmi Lim

My generous city

Person of color, immigrant and woman: if you meet that person, you may think that she is living a tough life. Yes, I am an Asian, a new immigrant and also a woman. But in this city, I never felt left out because this generous city gave me more opportunities and hopes than disappointments and frustration.

The first opportunity that I had was to travel this vast country and expand my mind with the rich and varied culture. At that time I was a student who had a big dream about my future. While traveling, I also had a dream that I would come back and work here. That dream was realized 5 years later. This city gave me a wonderful job as a curator for 1 year and I accepted the challenge of living alone courageously. Meeting lots of artists, arranging exhibitions, preparing some events, etc., everything was interesting. Even the loneliness was valuable for me. When I felt bored I could go to MOMA, the Guggenheim, and Metropolitan museums. When I needed a break, I could take a break in Central Park, Bryant Park, Washington Park. Becoming a friend with this city and enjoying it together was like a dream.

On November 14, 2015, I boarded a plane to New York again and I had a no ticket to return this time. I was confused about how I would survive there with my husband, as a family. New York was like a dream so far but now it was reality. My life was about to change totally. When I decided to move to America, I thought I would have to give up many things like my job, family, friends and Korean food in return for living there at first. But now I found that I got more opportunities to make new friends, learn English and explore new places. Like other immigrants, sometimes I go through difficulty from language and culture clash but it’s my homework which I will do for all my life and I am quite willing to do anything with a thankful heart.  I am living again today with that homework.

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