Falonne Beljuby Billy Dembi

How a smart phone can rule our life: a day without a smart phone

Do you still remember those days when family was our number one priority and enjoying time together was the sweetest routine? Then comes the smart phone and every single thing changes. Wait till you picture what happened to me.

I used to be very close to my parents and my lovely little sister but once I got my smart phone our relationship deteriorated. I became more and more distant. Visiting them became really hard work, instead I just sent them text messages. They didn’t receive my little manuscript notes anymore. I forwarded them a plethora of icon flowers while I could get them real ones in a 99c store. Yes, things turned out that bad. My mother complained so much about my excessive use of a smartphone that I finally decided to invite them to a restaurant for a wonderful family dinner to pump up our relationship. Everyone was so happy to be gathered once again but nobody could ever expect what was about to come. I said, “No use of the phone during dinner. The person who does so pays the bill.”

I thought I would be the only one to be bothered until I saw my mother’s face suddenly going from happiness to sadness, my little sister did not say a world but by her wide-open eyes you could tell how she really felt and my father made his little fake smile like everything was O.K but I knew that was a lie. When the dinner began. I put all phones in the middle of the table and turned them face down. In just a few minutes, you could hear different blips coming from all phones at the same time, and you could see the anxiety on my family members’ faces. As you can imagine it was so hard for me to resist but I was not the only one. Guess who ended up paying the bill? My mother. See how the phone can rule us?

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