My native town is named Gomel.  It is located in south-east of Belarus. There live about 50.000 people. Students study in 5 universities. Gomel has its own history, beautiful architecture, many parks and fountains. I was born there and lived until I moved here.


After graduating from university with a degree in teaching, I worked in a kindergarten. Later, I was a school psychologist. Then I did workshops at the faculty of psychology for students.  Next, I worked in a prison for women. Also, my friends and I did projects with non-governmental organizations of environmentalists and lawyers. That was amazing experience for me!  Of course, I made a lot of friends in my home town. My family, my relatives…That was great. But…my husband and I got divorced. At the current time, there are large economic problem in Belarus.


Yes, I miss my son and my sister. So, thanks to Nicola Tesla, Skype, WhatsApp and so on, because I can still communicate with them often. That is good!



Fresh and native,

Admires, surprises, celebrates.

Smells of bread and nostalgia.

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