The older you get, the more you muse upon what you have achieved in your life. You have a good job, a house. Your friends have already become family, you have known them so long. Everything seems to be fine. Yet gradually you begin to notice that life becomes routine and you miss your student days when everything was just beginning, and the sea of possibilities was waiting ahead.


One way to start everything from the very beginning is a move to another country. Someone might say that it's simple, but in reality it's a real challenge to surrender everything and leave for another country, a country with a different culture, language and where you have to start everything from scratch. Let the cards fall where they may. Just do it!


DEPARTURE The plane leaves the ground smoothly and goes upward. Through the window I see my hometown, streets that I know by heart, the park. Somewhere there are my friends, the house I grew up in. The plane makes a turn and flies off into the unknown.


We are flying, following the sun. Only boundless waves of the Atlantic Ocean are below. I have never seen a day so long, but even it is over. I'm trying to see any light below but there is only night. And suddenly...

New York, full of lights, appears so unexpectedly, that you can't understand what's happened! We've almost arrived! And then another surprise: I see the beautiful Coney Island Friday fireworks! "The City greets me", I think to myself, smiling.

ARNIC Before coming to the US I thought I knew English, but a living language can't be learned by books. The only way is to be immersed in this environment. Such an opportunity for me has been ARNIC. I am amazed that people I don’t know are trying to help me. Something has changed in me. Here I have found excellent teachers and good friends. My classmates are from different countries, but we all have the same goal – to become better. And I'm doing my homework; I feel like a student again. Everything is just beginning, and the sea of possibilities is waiting ahead.


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