Yevgen Arkhypov

I remember the day, when I was leaving Ukraine for New York. I remember the terrace of the airport where I was stand and smoking a last cigarette when I heard announcement for my flight. I looked for the last time on Ukraine, smiled and went to join my family. My father helped me with packing and carrying the luggage to the airport check in. With my father and mother we spoke about my first steps in my new country while we were waiting for the announcement to board the plane. I decided to buy some more cigarettes because they are very expensive in the United States. In spite of my thoughts that I would stop smoking there, I knew that the first two weeks would be very difficult for me, because I would be tempted to start smoking again. When we heard the final call we hugged each other, I kissed them and went to the customs control. It was a bit surprising for me that I should take my belt off to pass it. So, I had to go through twice. The main obstacle of coming to the United States was that I would leave my relatives and best friends. They always helped in difficult situations. Also, in my native country I had two stable jobs with the possibility to continue improving my professional skills and colleagues that helped me with learning new technology and solving problems. But in spite of all these fears I decided to take a chance to improve my life and come to the United States.

I was a bit late after arrival, because I helped one old lady, who had flown with me. She was 74 years old and she was confused in what country she arrived. She thought that she was going to Kiev in Ukraine instead of New York! Although quite elderly, she was very calm about the flight. I was so impressed, that she at her age dared to make this huge trip. She wanted to see her native land for the last time. As for me it was such a courageous action.  When I landed, the first feeling I had was that I would continue my life in one of the most developed countries of the world. I met my grandmother and we went home. It was surprising for me that I would live very close to the ocean and I could see the ocean from the window of my room! It was so exciting, it seemed like a dream. The air near the ocean is so fresh, especially when it is windy. Living here for me is seems like being on vacation. I immediately forgot about all disadvantages of immigration and went to the beach to have rest.

I have been living in the United States a bit more than 1 month. I think it is too early to talk about achieved goals and conclusions of being there. But the first difference I noticed here is that Americans respect the law much more than in my country. They are helpful, responsible, careful, obey and sometimes funny. Also I noticed that New York has a multinational population. Here you can meet very interesting people and find out about their tradition, culture, customs.

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