I have been in this country for a year, and since I arrived I have met people from around the world.  They are here for diverse reasons such as the lottery, as refugees or some even have illegal status. Some of them are following their dreams or their lovers, others are running away from their nightmares. My case is about FAMILY. 

Coming to America was a long process taking seven years. In those years, I had to wait in Bogotá, while my family traveled to this country to start another chapter of their lives with their heart split between two cities. For me, life was hankering after every April and September to see them and also, it was creating a new family for myself with my friends.

When I finally came to this country, there was not only an adaptation to a new city and a new language. It was also a re-adaptation to my family and missing my friends. I wonder if there will be a moment when someone is not missing from my life.

Sometimes your life is beautiful! Sometimes, it isn't.Sometimes you expect spring to arrive, sometimes you just want October to come.Sometimes you have the glass full, sometimes you are drowning in it.Sometimes you feel happy to walk around the city, sometimes, you just want to run... away!

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