Idalmy Leo

I come from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, Santo Domingo to be specific, where I grew up and where you can see different kinds of amazing people, you can drink fresh coconut water, Brugal rum, Presidente Beer and eat Sancocho, (a typical food), smell the sea, and feel the huge, warm smile of the people. 

I remember the day I decided to come to NY. Nobody understood why I moved, and I always said something like “because I want to live with my mom” or something else. I never said the truth, which was because my grandfather had died and everything reminded me of him. I left everything, my career, my life and my people. 

I have been here a year. I can say I miss a lot of things from there, especially living with my Grandma, my two best friends, Ruth and Cheka, part of my family and some places there. When I came in April 2015, I left my job and everything; I came following the American dream, intending to get another degree in Criminal Law, looking for a better life. The problem is nobody tells you the difficult part: the extremely cold and hot weather, and how difficult it is to go back to your country again. For this reason, I wrote a letter to my dear past self, like in a movie I saw the other day.

“Dear Idalmy,

I’m you from the future. Please, when daddy G dies, don’t be nervous. You are going to be the only person at home who can resolve everything, you are going to be OK. When mom tells you to go to NY, say yes, but first think about what you want, when and how you are going to get it. Don’t forget clothes for cold weather and shorts for summer. But most important, never to stop, follow your dreams and never go back to the Dominican Republic before you get your residence and get your Criminal Law masters’.

It’s going to be difficult but Berbiz, you are going to be the best!

With love from the future,


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