For my husband and daughter (acrostic poem)

My love, I can’t get rid of you, you haunt my thoughts. 

You are my destiny, my child’s father.

Honor and love were an art, the art you taught me

Unique you are in heart, heart chosen from my heart.

Sublime and sensual you are!

Being, thinking of it, I’m happy because of the moments of happiness that we share together.

Alliance of a love transmitted to infinity.

Natural supernatural;

Do not worry, despite the distance. I promise to be your queen and love you every single day.

A child needs both parents given the current situation, I’m more than up for it.

The child, the classes and the work do not allow me to spend enough time. I pray God to meet us together so that we support each other

Never forget you are not only husband but you are also a dad; it is she who binds us to life to each other, it is she who made us a family. 

Do not be sad, I know you have not yet taken her in your arms, you have missed her first laugh, her first step, between her cries and joys.

My trip was not a stallion for us but in one way or another it gave us new awareness of the place that everyone has and be better welded, despite the distance.

 Your presence is irreplaceable; someone is the time that will take to gather us. You will always be in our deepest thoughts

Dad is the first word she uttered, I know despite the distance, the bond of blood is innate in us,

Affection between mother and daughter or father and daughter it is an unqualified love that burns with an eternal flame

Unique, you are the pulpit of my happiness, the light of my life

Gratified by your love, you are my reason for being, my reason for living, my breath all I have dearest in the world

Hope, happiness, force what you inspire in me

-When I’m sad, you give me a smile

-When I’m tired you give me the courage not to give up,

-When I’m sick you give me the strength to be a warrior

The flag of our love, to call me Mom is the sweetest of melodies; your hugs make me feel loved

 Enamored of you, we are happy that you are part of our life; you remain and will remain our mutual pride

 Renewing the base of our family is very important to me, despite the distance that separates us.


I love you. I just wanted to tell you.

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