Elena Adasheva

It was early morning in Moscow when I started my journey to the unknown. Last minute preparations and a long taxi ride to the airport contributed to the feeling of being out of normal reality. When I stepped into the plane to New York, I knew it was a new beginning. I arrived at JFK tired, but excited. A friend of mine met me at the airport and we took a cab to Manhattan. I remember the first time I saw the city – a huge wall of tall buildings was coming towards us while we were crossing the East River. It was fascinating, and I couldn’t believe I was seeing it with my own eyes. I also knew right away that to make it here would be the biggest challenge I had ever faced. Now, after living in New York for a few years, I look back at myself, sitting in this cab, and realize how much I have changed. The city taught me to be patient and persistent in achieving my goals, to be brave, creative, and ready for any challenge. In this city I have discovered who I am and what I want to do. I have learned how to be happy and how to smile. My journey to the unknown turned out to be an exploration of the world and my place in it, and this journey still continues.

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